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Pretty Parlor

Dry/frizzy hair

- Conditioner
- Comb with round ends (e.g. original G1 comb)
- Flat iron which can be set in different temperatures

- Make the hair wet and put some conditioner in it.
- Gently comb out the knots. Always start brushing from the ends of the hair, working your way bit by bit towards the hairline. Do this by dividing hair into strands.
- Turn on the flat iron, on the lowest or second temperature.
- Take a strand of hair, put it under streaming water and pull it through the flat iron, from the head to the end. It's okay if it sputters a bit. Continue this procedure strand by strand until you are finished.
- Rinse the hair with hot water and at the same time, style it (e.g. if you want curls, look up the right procedure).

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make the ends beautiful. They often stay dry/frizzy.
You can also use this method on ponies with tinsel in their hair.