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Pretty Parlor

Making large curls

- Conditioner
- Comb with round ends (e.g. original G1 comb)
- Papilots or something similar
- Piece of a tissue/toilet paper
- Hair clips/tape

- Make the hair wet.
- Put some conditioner in it.
- Comb out the knots.
- Rinse the hair with hot water.
- Wrap the hair around one papilot.
- Put a piece of tissue/toilet paper around it.
- Tighten it with a hair clip or use tape to keep it together.
- Leave it like this for a couple of days and then gently remove it.

- When the curls don't hang loose enough, tie the hair up with a hair band and put it around the neck of the pony. After 24 hours you can remove the hair band.