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Pretty Parlor

Pony cancer and fungus (smooze)

- Toothbrush
- Vanish Oxi Action or Oxi Clean
- Pair of tongs
- Pan with boiling water
- Conditioner

- Remove the pony's head.
- Slowly (because it fizzes) add some Vanish Oxi Action or Oxi Clean to the pan with boiling water.
- Turn off the stove.
- Hold the pony or the head with tongs in the pan with hot water and Vanish Oxi Action or Oxi Clean. Make sure that the pony will not touch the bottom of the pan, because the heath can damage the pony (melting danger).
- Leave the pony in the pan for 5-10 minutes and keep on stirring with the help of the tongs.
- Take the pony out of the pan and rinse it under cold water. Please use the tongs to prevent burning yourself.
- If there is smooze left in the pony, clean it with the toothbrush and your favourite soap.
- Condition the pony's hair, because this procedure makes it very, very dry.
- Let the pony dry on the inside before you put the head back on.

- Pony cancer can be recognized by the dark brown dot in the middle of the brown stain.
- Fungus/smooze is white/grey stuff, like on rotten food.
- The stains will not disappear, but they will not spread anymore either.
- You can use bleach instead of Vanish Oxi Action or Oxi Clean (please read the note below).
- Do not use bleach with Flutter Ponies, Summer Wing and Windy Wing Ponies.
- Be careful with ponies that have light pink hair that fades easily and with ponies with glittery symbols.
- Make sure the pony is not stored in a dampy room, because the chance is big that the smooze will return in a dampy room.